Speech Topics:

Future of Skills in the Age of AI

Why Digital Skills Matter

What changing 3 Careers in 2 Years Taught Me

Workshop Topics:

The Future of Work After COVID-19

 Create the fullest picture possible of how COVID-19 will reshape the way you work and what skills will you need to develop

How to Network Like a Pro

Understand the true value of networking and how it can help you reach your goals, and identify how to engage with anyone

A Year of Productivity

Uncover the hidden costs of making resolutions, formulate a solid plan to keep them, and act on the plan to achieve them

Branding Yourself in the 21st Century

Identify who you are and what motivates you, understand how others interpret you, and tell your story better than before

How to Stay Safe from Online Threats

Discover the most common cyber-attacks and learn the fundamentals of staying safe from malware, hackers and fake news